Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Results! Top 3

Full results will be formally posted at the WSBA site soon. For now the medalists are as follows:

Junior A Men (total entries – 4)
Gold - Wesley Finger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Jonathan Youell Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Ryan Bibko 1st Rate

Junior B Men (total entries – 10)
Gold - Bailey Hauswurz Cucina Fresca
Silver - Gage Watson-Norris Rad-Racing
Bronze - Kosta Psaltis Rad Racing

Junior C Men
(total entries – 7)
Gold - Austin Clevenger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Colin Krebsbach Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Conor Klupar Rad Racing

Junior D Men (total entries – 6)
Gold - Davis O’Brien Rad Racing
Silver - Daniel Waston-Norris Rad Racing
Bronze - Alexander West unattached

Junior C Women (total entries – 1)
Gold - Eryn Maris Oh Boy! Oberto

Junior D Women (total entries -1)
Gold - Andrea Casebolt Rad Racing

Master A Women (total entries – 9)
Gold - Gina Kavesh Wines of WA
- Suzie Weldon Wines of WA
- Kathi McMahon 1st Rate

Master B Women (total entries – 18)
Gold - Jennifer Burtner CBC Racing
Silver - Lee Smith Group Health
Bronze - Suzie Kauper Byrne Invent

Master A Men (total entries – 39)
Gold - Ian Tubbs Carter
Silver - Aaron Levin BRI
Bronze - Steve Holland Finnegans Toys

Masters B Men (total entries – 38)
Gold - Aaron Lavin Garage
Silver - Bill Zimmerman Cucina Fresca
Bronze - Kerry Ferrell Wheelsport

Master C Men (total entries – 68)
Gold - Alex Shapleigh Rad Racing
Silver - Morgan Coleman Starbucks
Bronze - Greg Lunicwski Wines of WA

Master Men D (total entries 37)
Gold - Tom Hackleman Old Town Bicycle
Silver - Richard Williamson Fanatik
Bronze - Scott Torkelson Old Town Bicycle

Pro/1/2/3 (total entries – 9)
1. Galen Erickson Gin Optics
2. James Stangeland Gin Optics
3. Chad Nikolz Gin Optics

A challenging day

Great weather and a great course helped keep most racers at bay during the challenging backstage events to keep the day safe and sound for all.

I take full responsibility for any miscues throughout the day and can only say lessons learned and will employ them to refine this event to make it even better next year; thanks for your patience, it was much appreciated. Credit goes to all the volunteers who stepped up to make this a day for the racers.

Pictures are up on Wheels in Focus - Amara was escorted throughout the day on moto and has some terrific photos (probably including at least one of you!).

My commitment is too make this a race one that you'll look forward to coming out year after year. A lot of time and energy goes into these things and it's an accomplishment when most everybody goes home satisfied at the end of the day - whether they're a volunteer, official or race participant.

Any feedback (good, bad, or ugly) is most welcome (either on this blog) or privately at justfivegrins@hotmail.com.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Support our Sponsors

Time to ROCK!

Remember a $5 late fee applies on day-of-race registrations, though 100% of those fees will be donated to the South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank. Alternatively you may bring 3 non-perishable items to donate to the Food Bank and the $5 will be waived. ALL participants are requested to donate non-perishables to the Food Bank as a goodwill gesture to the community we are racing in.

All race participants will be required to fill out a race specific USAC/Kitsap County athlete release. This is available here (http://www.ldedge.com/2008_kitsap_county_event_release.pdf) to fill out beforehand OR plenty will be available to fill out at registration on day-of-race.

Wheels in Focus - Amara will be out on the moto photographing the race from different angles and unique perspectives - look for post race images of your mug at http://www.wheelsinfocus.com/.

Upon further review The Church of the Nazarene has decide to revoke our overflow parking agreement due to commitments to their parish & services that morning; and potential conflict with Little League playing that afternoon. So as Homer would say - DOH!! So please do not park at the church across the street. Additional parking is available on the shoulder north of the school on Sidney Road anywhere there is not a No Parking sign.

Sunday looks to be the best day weather-wise this weekend - partly sunny 62F light NW wind, only a 20% chance of a shower.

No matter when or where you're racing in the "unofficial omnium" this weekend come out to hang with your teammates, test yourself, race smart and have fun.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Detailed full course description

Start at Sidney Glen Elementary School at intersection of Sidney & Glenwood.

Proceed on Glenwood until at mile 1 there will be a right turn still onto Glenwood. End of neutral rollout will be at mile 1-1.5 (after this first right turn is a slight upgrade). Proceed on Glenwood for another mile until the first left turn - again remaining on Glenwood (if we went straight it'd become Lake Flora), this enters the course (mostly clockwise) loop.

2.5 miles until the left turn onto Wildwood.
1 mile until a right onto Sidney.
2 miles until the right on Minterbrook.
1 mile until finish at Westbrook.
If not finishing - continue straight another 1/3 mile until right turn onto Glenwood (northbound).
3/4 mile until left turn onto Lake Helena.
2.5 miles until right turn onto JM Dickenson.
JM turns into Lake Flora after the T continue through the rollers until the right turn back onto Glenwood going south.

The lead in to course loop is approx 2 miles while the loop itself is approx 15.5 miles. Mileage expressed above is rounded off. Finish is approx. 6 miles after the intersection of Lake Flora & Glenwood. Feed Zone is on slight upgrade on JM Dickenson prior to T intersection where it turns into Lake Flora. Many rollers, several short ramps, a couple false flats - should be a great ride for the all-arounder.

If you're otherwise not racing this Memorial Day weekend it'd be a good opportunity to preview the course and get a leg up on your competition.

Prize update

All Masters & Juniors races will have some product & merchandise prizes for the top three to compliment their WA State Championship medals. Thanks go out to Hammer Nutrition, Arbonne, Snoqualmie Bicycle, The HUB, Sonadei, and Gin Optics.

Additionally all race participants (and volunteers) will be entered into a drawing for 2 unrestricted roundtrip tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines (and sister carrier Horizon) flies. These ticket vouchers are worth $870 each, and are valid for ONE YEAR from date of race. You may pad your chances by purchasing additional coupons for the drawing at $5 each or 12 for $50 or 25 for $100. Cash or checks will be accepted at day of race only - though all day long. See registration table for additional coupons. Drawing will take place at the end of the day; you need not be present to win. Odds of winning will be based on how many entries are received.

The search for additional sponsors will continue right up until the day of the race. I would love nothing more than to award $$ to the Masters races as well.

For now the only race to award $$ will be the PRO/1/2/3 race to at least the top five; if I get 50 racers in that field I will offer a minimum of $1000 to the top 10 - spread the word.