Monday, March 3, 2008

Out of State racers welcome

Non-Washington State racers are welcome to participate in all races. Racers must race in the Juniors or Masters category they fit into. Pro/1/2/3 race open only to those under the age of 35.

The only qualification is that you must possess a valid USAC license (or UCI equivalent) and understand that you are not eligible for WA State Championship medals in the Masters & Juniors races. Though prize money (if offered as discussed previously in my ongoing efforts for sponsors) will be paid in order of finish regardless of residency.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pre-Race Registration open

As of today registration is open via Bike Reg or via USPS snail mail (if you want to pay the cost of the stamp verses the small registration fee).

No field limit on Juniors or Women (since frankly it shouldn't be a problem). All Men's Masters fields have a 100 racer limit while the Pro/1/2/3 field will have a 125 racer limit.

All racers need to personally sign the USAC/Kitsap County event release form - so if registering online, save time & print it out (forms will be available day of race), write your WSBA number (they'll be available for rent if you don't have one) in the upper right hand corner. If registering via USPS, send me the completed USAC/Kitsap County event release w/WSBA # and your personal check (no cash please).

Late fee of $5 will apply if registering day of race.

Refund Policy - No refunds, credits, or exchanges. Though if you know you're not racing, phone or email me (253-691-6793 / and I will happily apply your money toward the charitable cause the race supports & mail you a donation receipt.