Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Results! Top 3

Full results will be formally posted at the WSBA site soon. For now the medalists are as follows:

Junior A Men (total entries – 4)
Gold - Wesley Finger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Jonathan Youell Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Ryan Bibko 1st Rate

Junior B Men (total entries – 10)
Gold - Bailey Hauswurz Cucina Fresca
Silver - Gage Watson-Norris Rad-Racing
Bronze - Kosta Psaltis Rad Racing

Junior C Men
(total entries – 7)
Gold - Austin Clevenger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Colin Krebsbach Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Conor Klupar Rad Racing

Junior D Men (total entries – 6)
Gold - Davis O’Brien Rad Racing
Silver - Daniel Waston-Norris Rad Racing
Bronze - Alexander West unattached

Junior C Women (total entries – 1)
Gold - Eryn Maris Oh Boy! Oberto

Junior D Women (total entries -1)
Gold - Andrea Casebolt Rad Racing

Master A Women (total entries – 9)
Gold - Gina Kavesh Wines of WA
- Suzie Weldon Wines of WA
- Kathi McMahon 1st Rate

Master B Women (total entries – 18)
Gold - Jennifer Burtner CBC Racing
Silver - Lee Smith Group Health
Bronze - Suzie Kauper Byrne Invent

Master A Men (total entries – 39)
Gold - Ian Tubbs Carter
Silver - Aaron Levin BRI
Bronze - Steve Holland Finnegans Toys

Masters B Men (total entries – 38)
Gold - Aaron Lavin Garage
Silver - Bill Zimmerman Cucina Fresca
Bronze - Kerry Ferrell Wheelsport

Master C Men (total entries – 68)
Gold - Alex Shapleigh Rad Racing
Silver - Morgan Coleman Starbucks
Bronze - Greg Lunicwski Wines of WA

Master Men D (total entries 37)
Gold - Tom Hackleman Old Town Bicycle
Silver - Richard Williamson Fanatik
Bronze - Scott Torkelson Old Town Bicycle

Pro/1/2/3 (total entries – 9)
1. Galen Erickson Gin Optics
2. James Stangeland Gin Optics
3. Chad Nikolz Gin Optics

A challenging day

Great weather and a great course helped keep most racers at bay during the challenging backstage events to keep the day safe and sound for all.

I take full responsibility for any miscues throughout the day and can only say lessons learned and will employ them to refine this event to make it even better next year; thanks for your patience, it was much appreciated. Credit goes to all the volunteers who stepped up to make this a day for the racers.

Pictures are up on Wheels in Focus - Amara was escorted throughout the day on moto and has some terrific photos (probably including at least one of you!).

My commitment is too make this a race one that you'll look forward to coming out year after year. A lot of time and energy goes into these things and it's an accomplishment when most everybody goes home satisfied at the end of the day - whether they're a volunteer, official or race participant.

Any feedback (good, bad, or ugly) is most welcome (either on this blog) or privately at justfivegrins@hotmail.com.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Support our Sponsors

Time to ROCK!

Remember a $5 late fee applies on day-of-race registrations, though 100% of those fees will be donated to the South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank. Alternatively you may bring 3 non-perishable items to donate to the Food Bank and the $5 will be waived. ALL participants are requested to donate non-perishables to the Food Bank as a goodwill gesture to the community we are racing in.

All race participants will be required to fill out a race specific USAC/Kitsap County athlete release. This is available here (http://www.ldedge.com/2008_kitsap_county_event_release.pdf) to fill out beforehand OR plenty will be available to fill out at registration on day-of-race.

Wheels in Focus - Amara will be out on the moto photographing the race from different angles and unique perspectives - look for post race images of your mug at http://www.wheelsinfocus.com/.

Upon further review The Church of the Nazarene has decide to revoke our overflow parking agreement due to commitments to their parish & services that morning; and potential conflict with Little League playing that afternoon. So as Homer would say - DOH!! So please do not park at the church across the street. Additional parking is available on the shoulder north of the school on Sidney Road anywhere there is not a No Parking sign.

Sunday looks to be the best day weather-wise this weekend - partly sunny 62F light NW wind, only a 20% chance of a shower.

No matter when or where you're racing in the "unofficial omnium" this weekend come out to hang with your teammates, test yourself, race smart and have fun.