Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A challenging day

Great weather and a great course helped keep most racers at bay during the challenging backstage events to keep the day safe and sound for all.

I take full responsibility for any miscues throughout the day and can only say lessons learned and will employ them to refine this event to make it even better next year; thanks for your patience, it was much appreciated. Credit goes to all the volunteers who stepped up to make this a day for the racers.

Pictures are up on Wheels in Focus - Amara was escorted throughout the day on moto and has some terrific photos (probably including at least one of you!).

My commitment is too make this a race one that you'll look forward to coming out year after year. A lot of time and energy goes into these things and it's an accomplishment when most everybody goes home satisfied at the end of the day - whether they're a volunteer, official or race participant.

Any feedback (good, bad, or ugly) is most welcome (either on this blog) or privately at justfivegrins@hotmail.com.

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