Monday, December 31, 2007

Mark your calendars

Sunday June 8th I will again host the WA State Masters & Juniors Road Race Championship. I will try to provide as much info. about the race as possible as it develops. Feedback & questions are always welcome.

I am currently looking at some new course options other than the Longbranch course. I like the Longbranch course, as do many of you, but I know you guys like diversity also. I will post a link to the route/profile as soon as it's finalized so you can preview it beforehand.

I am planning on having all Juniors (men & women) race the first morning wave, the Masters Men C, D and all Masters Women racing in the late morning wave, with the Masters Men A & B races concluding the day with an early afternoon start. Racers from out-of-state are welcome to race but are not eligible for WA State Championship medals - this is reserved for WA residents only!

I am trying to garner up some race sponsorship to offer prize money and/or KOM primes - I'll keep you posted. Any leads on this front would be most appreciated.

Last year I offered up a combined Men's CAT 1/2/3 race for those not eligible to race in the Juniors (too old) or the Masters (too young) with prize $ & a KOM incentive - and only 2 guys showed up (and 1 of those dropped out). I'd again like to offer this race option for those 1/2/3's who'd like to race a road course (including you Oregon folk who're looking at 2 crits that weekend) - but only if there is enough interest & commitment among the racers/teams beforehand. So I throw it out amongst you guys - please provide me feedback pronto if you want this race included in the early afternoon wave.

Also looking at the possibility of hooking up with an online registration service so you can sign up in advance if you so desire.

Any questions/comments don't hesitate to post here or email me at

Happy New Year and safe & prosperous training/racing this upcoming season.