Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Results! Top 3

Full results will be formally posted at the WSBA site soon. For now the medalists are as follows:

Junior A Men (total entries – 4)
Gold - Wesley Finger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Jonathan Youell Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Ryan Bibko 1st Rate

Junior B Men (total entries – 10)
Gold - Bailey Hauswurz Cucina Fresca
Silver - Gage Watson-Norris Rad-Racing
Bronze - Kosta Psaltis Rad Racing

Junior C Men
(total entries – 7)
Gold - Austin Clevenger Oh Boy! Oberto
Silver - Colin Krebsbach Oh Boy! Oberto
Bronze - Conor Klupar Rad Racing

Junior D Men (total entries – 6)
Gold - Davis O’Brien Rad Racing
Silver - Daniel Waston-Norris Rad Racing
Bronze - Alexander West unattached

Junior C Women (total entries – 1)
Gold - Eryn Maris Oh Boy! Oberto

Junior D Women (total entries -1)
Gold - Andrea Casebolt Rad Racing

Master A Women (total entries – 9)
Gold - Gina Kavesh Wines of WA
- Suzie Weldon Wines of WA
- Kathi McMahon 1st Rate

Master B Women (total entries – 18)
Gold - Jennifer Burtner CBC Racing
Silver - Lee Smith Group Health
Bronze - Suzie Kauper Byrne Invent

Master A Men (total entries – 39)
Gold - Ian Tubbs Carter
Silver - Aaron Levin BRI
Bronze - Steve Holland Finnegans Toys

Masters B Men (total entries – 38)
Gold - Aaron Lavin Garage
Silver - Bill Zimmerman Cucina Fresca
Bronze - Kerry Ferrell Wheelsport

Master C Men (total entries – 68)
Gold - Alex Shapleigh Rad Racing
Silver - Morgan Coleman Starbucks
Bronze - Greg Lunicwski Wines of WA

Master Men D (total entries 37)
Gold - Tom Hackleman Old Town Bicycle
Silver - Richard Williamson Fanatik
Bronze - Scott Torkelson Old Town Bicycle

Pro/1/2/3 (total entries – 9)
1. Galen Erickson Gin Optics
2. James Stangeland Gin Optics
3. Chad Nikolz Gin Optics

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nikos said...

In spite of the rough start to the afternoon races, this was a good race and a great venue: I loved the course. Thanks to you and all the volunteers who made the race happen. It always takes a couple tries to iron out all the kinks, and I look forward to racing it next year. Thanks again.

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