Saturday, May 24, 2008

Detailed full course description

Start at Sidney Glen Elementary School at intersection of Sidney & Glenwood.

Proceed on Glenwood until at mile 1 there will be a right turn still onto Glenwood. End of neutral rollout will be at mile 1-1.5 (after this first right turn is a slight upgrade). Proceed on Glenwood for another mile until the first left turn - again remaining on Glenwood (if we went straight it'd become Lake Flora), this enters the course (mostly clockwise) loop.

2.5 miles until the left turn onto Wildwood.
1 mile until a right onto Sidney.
2 miles until the right on Minterbrook.
1 mile until finish at Westbrook.
If not finishing - continue straight another 1/3 mile until right turn onto Glenwood (northbound).
3/4 mile until left turn onto Lake Helena.
2.5 miles until right turn onto JM Dickenson.
JM turns into Lake Flora after the T continue through the rollers until the right turn back onto Glenwood going south.

The lead in to course loop is approx 2 miles while the loop itself is approx 15.5 miles. Mileage expressed above is rounded off. Finish is approx. 6 miles after the intersection of Lake Flora & Glenwood. Feed Zone is on slight upgrade on JM Dickenson prior to T intersection where it turns into Lake Flora. Many rollers, several short ramps, a couple false flats - should be a great ride for the all-arounder.

If you're otherwise not racing this Memorial Day weekend it'd be a good opportunity to preview the course and get a leg up on your competition.

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